for Symphony Orchestra

Tampa Bay Symphony -Performance date Jan. 2022

Viva has been selected as one of four international  finalists in Tampa Bay Symphony's  2021 Orchestral Composition Contest. The call was for works written in and inspired by this past year of  pandemic. VIVA was conceived as a celebration of life in the midst of this harrowing Covid  season. The work is characterized by a driving percussive heartbeat and vibrant brass. Driven, but joyous, It is a tribute to those who have fought so valiantly to keep us alive.  A celebration of survival and hope, it is a musical encouragement to seize and savor each day! 

A BIRTHDAY  for Soprano, Volume 1​ 

ECHO  for Mezzo Soprano, Volume 2

Just released - Two new art songs featuring the poetry of Christina Rossetti in the new publication :

Modern Music for New Singers
21st Century American Art Songs 

 Edited by Dr. Robert  Peavler, North Star Music, LLC 


Gammaldans Suite (Four Movements) for Clarinet and Viola

2021   Upcoming  performance by Domino Ensemble - TBA

This suite is based on  impressions of the old-style “Gammeldans” tunes that musicians play in Scandinavian folk dance, where  dancers in  richly decorated folk costumes whirl and spin in paired patterns--a celebratory visual expression of communal rejoicing (something we all longed for this past year). This rendition of the fourth movement is performed by the Medina Covid Camerata.


for solo piano

2021 Winner of the  Renée B. Fisher Composer Award  

Sponsored by The Neighborhood Music School

Web and Wings  was written as a performance piece for the  Renée B. Fisher Young Pianists Competition.  As the winning  composition, it was featured as the commissioned contemporary competition piece for Elementary/Middle School students to learn in the 2021 solo piano competition.  ( featured at 1:55)

​​​​​​​​​​​​Kari Cruver Medina    Composer