"Christmas Reveries "    

Christmas Reveries, is an orchestral suite written for chamber orchestra

and piano, which has been selected to be premiered by the

Ensemble de la Belle Musique, for their Dec 18, 2017 concert in Singapore. 


"Anthem - Stand in the Light "  

This two-part choral anthem  was inspired by the Spring 2017 Women's March. I was  struck by the need for an anthem that speaks to the hopes and dreams for which the people of our democracy gather and demonstrate. I was particularly interested in writing a simple tune that everyone could sing: one whose text embraced the goodness and hope represented by every age and color without the baggage of patriarchal, nationalistic or religious language. The goal was to create a song that could be sung  by anyone anywhere, that encouraged standing  for truth, that affirmed values of education and community, and that embraced with gratitude the gift of living each day.

This work  will be premiered by the  Seattle University Choir.

7:00 pm October 20 , 2017, Chapel of St. Ignatius, Seattle University 


TWIN CITIES WOMEN'S CHOIR, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"This Fragile Spinning Earth"  

This SSAA choral anthem was inspired by NASA's amazing HD image of the earth.

The sight of this stunning blue planet surrounded by the darkness of space profoundly moved me, particularly in light of the crisis I saw happening all around both politically and ecologically.  

Something in me stirred, and I wrote "Here, on this fragile, spinning earth, life abounds....."

The astounding beauty of the picture was a reminder that as distractingly fractious as this world can be, the most significant factor defining our future will be the uniting principle of protecting and caring for our one fragile, beautiful planet.  As humanity is challenged to look beyond the immediate boundaries of our individual lives and nations, into the vastness of the cosmos itself,  may we be inspired to responsibly care for this " star-marked orb of emerald green".

This work will be premiered by the Twin Cities Women's  Choir, at their ILLUMINATIONS Concert, Dec. 2, 2017,  in honor of my beloved mother, Corinne Cruver,  who was such a light of goodness in this world, and such an advocate for our planet. 

​​Kari Medina, Composer