Eight Songs from the Poetry of Christina Rossetti

1.  Will There Really Be a Morning?

2.  Nature is What We See

3.  If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking

4.  I Can Wade Grief

5.  It's All I Have to Bring Today

6.  Fame is a Bee

Six Songs from the Poetry of  Emily Dickinson

A  Birthday     Volume 1  (Soprano)
Echo   Volume 2  (Mezzo Soprano)

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21st Century American Art Songs
,  Edited by Dr. Robert  Peavler, 
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1.  Kookoorookoo!

2.  Clouds

3.  Who Has Seen the Wind?

4.  A Birthday (My Heart is Like a Singing Bird)

5.  Windflowers

6.  Echo

7.  Dreamland

8.  Song "When I am Dead My Dearest"

                               Recorded Live,  featuring:

                                     Heather Whitney,  Soprano

​                                     Kari Cruver Medina,  Piano

From  “Sisters From Across the Sea”

 A  Musical Salon Series  for Soprano and Piano

 “Sisters From Across the Sea” is a musical portrait of poets Emily Dickinson and Christina Rossetti. Comprised of two song cycles, each weaving together art song,  imagery, poetry, and biography, this work celebrates the lives and calling of two remarkable women who share a parallel journey as sisters, daughters, friends, lovers, and writers, passionately devoted to the art of poetry. 

Born in the winter of 1830,  just five days apart, Dickinson lives in Amherst, New England, and Rossetti resides in London, England. Both defy the social conventions of the day and devote themselves to cultivating written voices that speak profoundly into the social, spiritual, and political landscape of their time in fresh and innovative ways. They are persistent and fearless in the pursuit of their art, and often unflinching in grappling with the paradoxes in their lives-- the most ironic being the reality that it was not an era that valued a women’s ability to independently think, live or believe. 

There is unquenchable hope and transformational power in their verse. In this setting for Soprano and Piano, Dickinson and Rossetti’s poems continue to enlighten and transform in their timeless ability to address the joy, sorrow, humor and wonder of the human condition.





​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Kari Cruver Medina   Composer