​​​​​Kari Cruver Medina,  Composer

Kari Cruver Medina is a Seattle-based composer whose work spans a broad palate of stylistic traditions. Her music has been featured across the United States and abroad, with choral and orchestral works premiered recently in both Europe and Asia.

Medina’s choral piece Winter Has Come, recently won the 2018-19 Cornwall International Male Choir Festival and was premiered in England in May, 2019. Carnival, for flute and piano just won the McMurray New Music Project and was premiered in Texas, in February, and her anthem, Stand in the Light, was published as one of the international winners of the 2019 “50th Anniversary Hong Kong Children’s Choir” Choral Composition Contest, and will be performed as a part of their festivities this summer.  

Recent orchestral premieres include One Snowy Day…. which was performed in December by the chamber music group, Ensemble Belle de la Musique, in Singapore.

 Noteworthy premieres from 2017-18 included Fragile Spinning Earth, (Twin Cities Women’s Choir, Minneapolis, MN) and One Family, (Chorosynthesis, Seattle, WA). Both works are a part of a choral series advocating for new music that advances socially conscious themes.

 2016 marked the unveiling of the first movement of Medina’s work for soprano and orchestra written in Old Norsk and based on the grand Viking epic, Edda.  Völuspá; Song of the Seeress, was commissioned for Soprano Alexandra Piccard and the Northwest Symphony Orchestra, (Seattle, WA).  A great fan of poetry, Medina has developed a series of multi-media Art Song Salons called Sister’s From Across the Sea, which features the poetry and life stories of female poets Emily Dickinson and Christina Rossetti. 

Past  awards include a semi-finalist status in the America Prize (2015), and winning selections for the International Alliance of Women in Music, (2016) and the Voices of London Festival (2014).

During her tenure as Music Director at University Presbyterian Church, in Seattle,  Medina composed weekly for a wide variety of ensembles, blending classical and popular vocal and instrumental traditions.  In addition, her Emmy-nominated scores as a studio musician and composer have accompanied various PBS Television productions, including Rick Steve’s “Travels through Europe” and KCTS’s “Over” Series.

A Washington native, her graduate and undergraduate training were at University of Washington and Washington State University, where she studied with William Bergsma and Loran Olsen.  She and her husband, John, have two sons.