C​eltic  Cantata:  

Glorificamus Te (Irish Prayer)- solo sop. w/piano
Iona Sky (text: Prayer of Columba)-solo tenor, piano Trinity Lorica (St. Patrick's)-SSA, w/piano, strings*

Bless to Us (Carmina Gadelica)- SATB  w/piano, *

Shelter MyLIfe(Carmina Gadelica)-SATB w/piano,*

Thanks Be to Thee (Welsh Prayer)-SATB w/piano, *

​Domine Est Salus (St. Patrick)- TTBB w/percussion

This Living Prayer(Carmina Gadelica)-SATB, piano

​Grant Us Peace (Celtic Prayer)-SATB w/piano

*arrangement  for Instrumental  chamber ensemble

​​​​​​​​​Kari Cruver Medina,  Composer

Solo  Vocal  Music:

Wider than the Sky, 6 Songs from the Poetry of Emily Dickinson, for soprano and piano
My Heart a Singing Bird, 8 Songs from the Poetry of Christina Rossetti, for soprano and piano
Genesis-soprano, piano, strings, and SSA
Come Thou Traveler Unknown (text: Wesley)- baritone with piano

I Know a House (text:Earl Palmer)-

med voice with piano and cello

Valley of Silence (text: Fanny Crosby) -  

alto and SSA ensemble with piano, strings


I believe in finely crafted music that expresses passion, beauty, and presence.  I love the colors of life and work to express this variety in all of my music. I am a big fan of wonder, and delight in the sheer joy of being alive through creating and sharing music and song.  

Choral  Music:

Psalms 19 - SSA w/ piano, handbells

Psalms 27 - SSA w/ piano, woodwinds

Psalms 55 - SATB w/ piano

Psalms 62 - SATB w/ piano , flute

Psalms 71- SATB w/ piano ,  string trio 

Psalms 84-SSA w/piano, flute

Isaiah 55 -SATB, narrator, chamber orchestra 

If I Have Not Love (1 Cor.13) SSA  w/piano, flute

Soft Sings the NIght-SATB a cappella

We Thank Thee (text:Emerson)- SATB a cappella

Message of the Wind (text: H. Monroe) SSATB

 a cappella

Stand in the Light-simple  2-part round  w/piano

Instrumental/Orchestral  Music:

Song of the Seeress, Soprano and Orchestra

String Quartet (I, II, III)

Journeys for Piano and Violin

(Daybreak, Mid-Day, Eventide)

Anam Cara (piano with duo)

Saranam - piano, recorder, string trio

Homecoming - flute and piano

Dance Suite for Flute and Piano

Psalm Americana - cello, recorder,piano